Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce Allows Students to Make Real World Connections

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Throughout the duration of a student’s high school career, he often questions how his current education will help them in future endeavors. This questioning is mainly due to the lack of knowledge on how to apply what they are doing in school to what path they want to pursue in the future. However, these links can be made through Scott County High School’s connection with the Chamber of Commerce.

SCHS’s partnership with the Chamber of Commerce helps to provide networking opportunities, internships, and externships to students, as well as make them aware of community resources. Mrs. Meocha Williams, principal of Scott County High School, said that she is most excited for the this pairing “because it provides authentic partnerships.” This partnership provides opportunities to apply to the real world, and gives guidance to the students that want it.  

Executive director of the Georgetown/Scott County Chamber of Commerce Jack Conner said that the purpose of the chamber’s work with the high school is to provide “development methods and plans to expose students to the workforce and employer expectations.” The chamber of commerce also plans for a job fair in the spring directed towards seniors who intend to go directly into the workforce, instead of a pursuing a college education. This job fair can be utilized by students to help them find a full time job for after high school that will be a good fit for their interests and skills.

Mr. Conner feels that working with SCHS and its students is imperative for the Scott County Community.  He said, “Given that the high demand employment sectors are not being adequately supplied with qualified workers; both in terms of essential skills and employment skills, we are pleased to have been a partner in the move to additional and appropriate career pathways and exposing students to new opportunities.”  The end result will benefit both students and potential employers in more ways than one.

The Chamber of Commerce also has partnerships with different organizations such as the Rotary Club and Kiwanis groups, to name a few that also assist SCHS. These organizations have donated items such as dictionaries and food to the school in the past, which have been of great benefit. There are also multiple partnerships with restaurants, such as Chick-Fil-A, that provide the school with gift cards to reward students and teachers for meeting the school’s expectations.

Mrs. Williams also highlighted the future opportunities that are going to be made possible through the schools partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce. For instance, there is going to be a Chamber of Commerce retreat in December, where Scott County Schools plan to reveal the new career pathways to the business community.  SCHS hopes to secure more partnerships with businesses in the community that directly connect with the pathways.

In essence, Scott County’s partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and the opportunities that the Chamber connects them with immensely benefits both the staff and students by making them more aware of the what businesses need in terms of employees and of potential jobs that are waiting for them upon graduation.