Great Crossing High School will open for students and staff in August, 2019. Joy Lusby will be the first principal of the school and has spent this school year making plans.

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Great Crossing High School Prepares to Greet Students and Staff in August

December 6, 2018

Scott County will open Great Crossing High School in August 2019, making it the second high school for the area. Although the enrollment will not be final until the open enrollment period ends in the spring, the anticipated enrollment is expected to be at least 1200 students.  Joy Lusby has been selected to be the first principal of GCHS, bringing with her eight years of previous administration experience at Scott County and Oldham County Schools.

Construction is in full swing currently and the building is making great progress. With winter coming quickly, the exterior is expected to be completed this month to allow the construction to shift mainly indoors.  Principal Lusby commented, “They are on target for completion by the end of June, but snow days during the winter months could push the completion date into July.” In addition to the school building, the athletic facilities are coming along nicely as well.         

The finished building for GCHS will be about the same size as Scott County High School, but the layout of the building will make it appear larger. The school will feature roughly 90 classrooms and 20 office spaces across four levels.  

Mrs. Lusby has held an active role in the construction process.  She has helped make layout decisions at construction meetings, attended monthly meetings with architects Clotfelter and Samokar, the firm hired to design the school, as well as other vendors and companies weekly.  Lusby explained that all decisions she makes for the new school are focused on what would best meet student needs.

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into opening a new school.  Lusby shared, “The building must be furnished and ordering furniture for an entire school is tedious work.  I’ve gained input from teachers regarding the layouts of classrooms, and the majority of the decisions we’ve made about furniture surround collaborative learning and creating comfortable seating for students of all sizes.” One unique feature to the school that is very exciting is the grand hallway, because visitors and students will be able to look up at the top three stories of the building.

There’s extensive research that comes with opening a new school.  Lusby has traveled to schools that have opened in the last five years to get an idea of what to expect and what to avoid doing during the process.

During this year of preparation, Lusby has developed a checklist of things she’d like to accomplish by the time the school opens. “My check list includes establishing a Warhawk Ambassador program, hiring teachers for new pathways, hiring coaches, branding The Warhawk Nation, and working collaboratively with the GCHS leadership team to ensure a smooth opening of the school next August.” The Warhawk Ambassador Program will be a chance for students with leadership aspirations a chance to grow their skills. The vision is to see these students meet weekly, give school tours, help new students adjust to the school, and teach other students about how to build and maintain positive culture. “I see them (student ambassadors) helping the school in many different capacities and feel the ambassador program will be an important part of GCHS,” stated Lusby.

This semester, Principal Lusby has visited 8th graders at the local middle schools to share information about GCHS and what will be offered at the school to prepare them for their high school experience. Making a smooth transition from middle to high school, or from SCHS to GCHS can be difficult, but Lusby has been working to make the transition easy for everyone. She has answered questions from students about the school and allowed them to fill out interest forms. She also plans to meet with rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders too. “We will have tours of the school this summer, a freshman orientation, and upperclassmen meetings as needed.  Before we begin teaching academics at GCHS, we will spend time building culture and ensuring expectations are clear.”

While she has enjoyed the opportunity she has been given to plan and prepare for the opening of GCHS, Mrs. Lusby is ready to be back with students.  “It’s a little lonely working by myself, and I miss the daily interactions with students, teachers, and staff,” Lusby stated.

As the Georgetown community anticipates the opening of GCHS, Mrs. Lusby expressed great excitement in opening the school. “Building a new school is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. While it’s challenging, it’s also very exciting.  There’s still a lot to do, but I can’t wait for the heartbeat of any school (the students) to fill the halls and classrooms of Great Crossing High School!”

For more information on the floor plans and more GCHS updates, visit the Scott County Schools website, and follow GCHS athletics on Twitter for athletics updates at @GCWarhawks.


2 Responses to “Great Crossing High School Prepares to Greet Students and Staff in August”

  1. Joan Nichols on December 6th, 2018 8:39 pm

    The opening of this new school is an exciting adventure for Scott County. This article gives us a glimpse of what is involved. Well done and keep updating as plans develop.

  2. Devin Coats on December 8th, 2018 8:19 pm

    Very well written, Abby! You have given us new information and delivered it in an effective way. Keep up the good work!

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