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Why I Am Thankful for CARD Time

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The switch to having CARD Time as part of our daily schedule is a pretty controversial topic in our school.  SCHS decided to add CARD Time to the school day because it offers enrichment time to high achieving students while also offering additional support for those who need help in classes.  It also offers time to catch up on work or a study hall. Some people hate it, some people don’t care. But there are also people like me that love CARD Time. During this time I can decide what I want to do, when normally at school, you don’t have a choice.  I can choose to go to a study hall and finish my homework at school, so I don’t have to do it at home after work. If I am feeling curious, I can choose to explore new topics. For example, I recently visited Mrs. Lewis’s session where she was teaching about infamous cults. Other times I can go to my TA position at the attendance station and get a jump start on what they need me to do for the day.

Probably my favorite thing about CARD time is I can team up with my friends, and we get to make sure we actually have a class together.  Having CARD Time with my best friend makes me feel more comfortable with my surroundings. It’s also a plus if it’s an interactive class and you get to talk to each other.  We can go to a class together about topics not normally discussed in core classes and have conversations that we may not have otherwise.

CARD Time has so many fun options to choose from.  Mrs. Curren does “Puppy time with Roxie,” every Thursday.  Mr. Bruins offers Serial Killer Thursday. One of my teachers, Mrs. Murphy, offers my journalism class work time on Tuesdays, which helps me out a lot.  Mrs. Day and Mr. Holt both offer ACT Prep CARD time sessions so I can work on boosting my ACT score. Mrs. Booth offers a CARD Time that students can collect recycling.

I feel like adding CARD Time to our school day was a good move.  I believe that because of it, there could be a higher pass rate. It’s leading to better success for both the school and students.  Not only does it help us out, it is so much fun going to interesting classes. It gives me a sense of freedom, when I can choose what CARD time to go to.  

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Why I Am Thankful for CARD Time