Local Diner Provides Good Food at a Fair Price

Fava's is a locally owned restaurant that is on East Main Street.

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Fava's is a locally owned restaurant that is on East Main Street.

Dalton Moore, Staff Reporter

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Fava’s is a locally owned restaurant that is located on East Main Street in downtown Georgetown and has been around for over 100 years. First being opened in 1910, Louis and Susie Bertolini Fava  were the original owners and the restaurant has had several other owners since then. Fava’s is a home cooking country style restaurant. Their  menu ranges from burgers to roast beef, and they even serve catfish. Depending on the time you go to eat at Fava’s, visitors may have to park down the street in the public parking lot due to limited parking on the street. They are open Monday through Saturday from 7:30am to 9:00 pm.

The restaurant itself is small, but at the same time feels big. Fava’s has red walls and  white and black tiles on the floor. The walls are decorated with vintage paintings and photographs, as well as other vintage items like an antique lantern. When you walk into Fava’s you can see an iconic mural of Georgetown as well.

When you walk in the door you can instantly smell the home cooking aroma.  The day I visited the restaurant, I sampled the grilled chicken breast and fried banana peppers. When the food got to us it was served hot and steamy on a red plate. The grilled chicken breast is an all-white meat chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. I got mine with everything except tomato, and it was served on a golden brown bun. The sandwich  was rich in flavor and very appetizing. This local favorite was $7.99 and served with fries.

Next I sampled the fried banana peppers.  They were also rich in flavor with a thin breading on them that mixed well with the banana pepper’s taste. This appetizer was priced at $5.99.

My overall experience was positive, because the service, food, and atmosphere was  were pleasant. Fava’s is the right pick if you want quality food for a fair price.