A Cool Addition to Scott County High S(c)h(ool)



Q: “What is your current job at SCHS?”


A: “Art Teacher”


Q: “How long have you been teaching?”


A: “6 years.”


Q: “Where did you graduate from high school?”


A: “Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati, OH.”


Q: “Where did you get your degree?”


A: “University of Cincinnati.”


Q: “Where did you teach before you came to Scott County?”


 A: “Dunbar High School.”


Q: “How long did you work at your previous places of employment?”


A: “4 years.”


Q: “What encouraged you to start working at SCHS?”


A: “I needed a new place to work and SCHS was hiring high school art teachers.”


Q: “What inspired you to become a teacher?”


A: “Working as a muralist with high school students while I was in college.”


Q: “What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a student?”


A: “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”


Q: “Have you enjoyed your job so far?”


A: “Yes!”


  Q: “What do you enjoy most about teaching?” 


A: “Watching my students discover their talent.” 



Q: “What is one thing that makes SCHS different than any other place you have worked at before?”


A: “It’s so chill!”


Q: “What is your favorite memory at SCHS so far?”


A: “Field trip to the Speed Art Museum.”


Q: “What is the most rewarding part of your job?”


 A: “Everything!”


Q: “What activities do you participate in outside of teaching?”


A: “Boxing, crochet, Roller Derby (retired), and printmaking.”