What You Can Do To Enjoy Your Galentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day: for the longest time, it was either a celebration of your significant other or your status as a single. But, thanks to an episode of Parks and Recreation released in 2010, there’s another holiday to celebrate: Galentine’s Day.


Created by the show’s main character, Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is every February 13th, on Valentine’s Day Eve (though, some people choose to celebrate on Valentine’s Day). It’s an appreciation day for the friendship between you and your girls, similar to the idea of Friendsgiving, and it’s now celebrated regularly by many women, including both students and staff at Scott County High School.


“Freshman year, my friend Hannah Courtney and I hung out and exchanged gifts during first hour. Sophomore and Junior year we hung out at her house, watched Stranger Things on Netflix, and got gelato at Spots Gelato in Georgetown,” says senior Camryn Cummins about her Galentine’s Day tradition. “You don’t have to do anything too special as long as you have fun.”


And that’s what Galentine’s Day is all about. Despite many companies having already monetized the holiday, the idea of it remains simplistic; you don’t need to go all-out with spending or planning something crazy to make happy memories. Ms. Bridegam, a sophomore English teacher at Scott County High School, recalls how she spent her Galentine’s Day in years past, saying, “When I was in college and had less money, I used to host dinners at my house and theme them around TV shows or movies my friends and I liked. I had a Parks and Rec theme, The Office theme, Friends theme, and Bridesmaids theme.”


So, here are a few ideas for making your Galentine’s Day easy, affordable, and fun:


Have a game night! Board games, card games, video games, or truth-or-dare-esque games are all great ways to have fun with your gals.


“Top recommendation for Galentine’s Day: Be there for your gals! Remember that this day can be about love that isn’t romantic. Turn it into a day about telling your gals how much you appreciate them for making you feel less alone and more loved year-round, even as romantic interests come and go.”

–Rebecca Reeves


Spend your evening marathoning your favorite movies or TV shows.


Spend some quality time with your gals and spill the tea! Get to know what’s going on in each other’s lives.


Go shopping! It’s always great to have your girls give you fashion advice.


Have a fun karaoke night and just jam out.


“Keep it simple and fun! Do something your other single friends enjoy as well that celebrates your friendship and the love you have for each other. A fun idea would be an Anti-Valentine’s Day party where everyone brings/dresses/does the opposite of the stereotypical Valentine’s Day celebration.”

Ms. Bridegam