Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Budget



  • Bake and decorate Valentine’s cake or cookies together.


Stay at home together and bake special Valentine’s treats for each other. Your decorated treats can be cute for pictures while you also spend quality time baking with your significant other. Ingredients can be cheap and easy, especially if you get the mixing powder so it is minimal effort if you are not the greatest baker.


  • Build a pillow fort and have a movie marathon.


Pillow forts are cute and comfy while also having a nostalgic feeling from our childhood. You can easily build a fort from the blankets and pillows in your own home and put on a Netflix marathon or go to Disney Plus and stream your favorite Disney movies.


  • Follow Bob Ross painting tutorials together at home.


Bob Ross tutorials are calming and fun, especially when you’re doing it with someone by your side. You don’t need to go out and buy a canvas or his painting cases, a simple piece of paper and cheap acrylic or water paints can supply the same amount of fun for you and your partner.


  • Make a scrapbook for your relationship.


Taking a walk down memory lane is always fun and can bring people together. Spending the night reliving your favorite memories while creating another will only have you buying a cheap scrapbook and having your printed pictures out. If you don’t have the money for this, simply looking over old pictures and videos can still have the same impact on your nostalgia from the beginning of your relationship.


  • Dance together at home.


Dancing around the kitchen or living room with your partner can be fun and cheap while strengthening the bond between you and your s/o. Just put on a record or turn on the radio and have your feet do the rest. 


  • Have a picnic.


Going on a picnic, especially during sunset, can give you and your partner time to relax and enjoy nature while not breaking your bank. Just make a couple of sandwiches with fruit, find a relaxing spot, and you’re good to go.


  • Go on a bike ride or hike.


If you and your partner like to exercise and enjoy nature, going on a bike ride or hike is always a fun, healthy, and affordable way to celebrate Valentine’s. This can be paired with the picnic to create the ultimate cheap outing with your Valentine.


  • Pick out outfits for each other at Goodwill.


Going on a Goodwill date is a fun and playful date for Valentines without spending too much money. All you have to do is go to Goodwill and pick out a surprise outfit for the other, make it as serious or funny as you want. Afterward, you can wear these outfits to a cheap date to a fast food restaurant to wrap up the night.