Vampires From Null

As the last vampire in the main hall lay silent I turn my gaze to the double doors leading to the so-called ‘Mayor’s’ office, “Time to meet the head of this Hydra,” I said, moving toward the door, pinching my nose as I walk over leaking bloodsuckers, it smelt like rotten leftovers left out in the sun too long, the metallic smell was still there from when they were humans, but only barely.


My name is Layla Sanguis, to some, my name might seem ironic given the right context, a couple of days ago I was an ordinary high school bookworm, but things can change rather quickly as I’ve found out. I’ve lived in this town all my life and I didn’t know what our higher-ups were, until a couple of days ago that is.


 That’s when I found out that my home town is run by vampires, then I found out my family was a long line of historic vampire hunters going all the way back to… Well, I guess that doesn’t matter at the moment. I sigh a breath of mixed emotions, everything that’s happened in this short amount of time going through my head again.


 The hall leading to the office was on the second floor of the building, a bit wider than an average hall, and only somewhat long and besides stepping over the previously undead, it was pretty simple, trying the doorknob, it wasn’t even locked. That wasn’t going to stop me from kicking in the door though, too much fun not to.


The door, obviously didn’t give much, if any, resistance against my foot and flew inwards, the only thing stopping them from bouncing back was the friction of the carpet, and there he was sitting behind his desk, a smug look on his face, just as I expected. What I hadn’t expected was a bucket full of red liquid to come tumbling down from the top of the door, if I had stepped forward beforehand the thing would have fallen unto my head and covered me, and maybe even converted me, seeing what it was and how much there was.


As I looked up the previously smug-looking vampiric mayor now look terrified, putting two and two together, I think I saw what his plan was, and once I did, I was a little upset, “Te futueo et caballum tuum!”, I cursed at him in Latin. I thought I killed that habit.


Regaining my composure, I noticed how he looked, he wore a black suit and had silver hair, he looked rather young as well, around his early twenties, which didn’t make much sense, because I’m sure he’d be around his forties and the last time I saw him he was balding, but I guess vampirism could help with things like aging. Though nothing could help with emotions like fear.


I stepped forward into the office, kicking the previously filled bucket across the room, causing the vampire behind the desk to duck under it.


 “Well L-Layla, welcome t-to the town h-h-hall” he tried to say, rising from behind the desk, sounding confident, but the tremble was more than obvious. “I see you’ve already acquainted yourself with the place. Regardless, we finally meet,” he paused, I’m guessing because he expected a reaction of some kind? I wasn’t going to give him one, whatever kind he wanted.


 I stopped walking in front of his imaginary barrier, staring silently at him, “Eh,” he paused, “Y-you’re probably wondering how I know your na-?” I put my hands on one side of the desk, “Don’t care.”


The desk flipped to the left side of the room, hitting a bookcase and balancing against it. The thing was surprisingly light, whether that was because of my anger was slowly building up or if it was just made from a light wood, I don’t know. At this the Mayor didn’t move, though looking into his eyes I think it was from either fear or shock.


I started moving forward again, drawing my blade that had helped me against so many others like him. He was cornered, I doubt he noticed, and he finally broke out of whatever trance he had been stuck. “Now Layla look, I know what I did was bad,” I grimaced, “Unforgivable you mean,” he ignored me, “But maybe we can work something out, I’m still the Mayor afterall,” he slowly started becoming more desperate as he talked and I readied my blade, “F-fame? Power? Riches!? Eternal life!? Anything! Just please don’t-” he stopped talking.


I wipe my blade off on my cape, cleansing it of the vampiric stench the blood had left. It smelled the same as out in the hall, in other words terrible, but it was definitely more metallic.


“That should be the last of them,” I said to myself as I began to walk out, my anger draining once more. Before exiting the office, I notice an open safe, filled with cash and jewelry, I hesitate, then decide to grab everything valuable inside. “Where ever I’m going, I’m going to need this,” I rationalized, “I can’t stay here, no reason to anyway.” 


As I walk towards the main entrance I stepped over the not so undead, fangs reflecting light into my eyes, shining through torn drapes. Going down to the first floor and walking to the main doors, I push them open and take a look around,closing it quietly as to not alert anybody in the nearby houses, it was night. Good, I can still make my escape, with time to spare too.


As I walk down the stairs leading to the town hall and onto the sidewalk I chuckle to myself. Oh, how much my life has changed in a matter of a couple of days, it’s almost impossible to believe, yet I’ve lived it. 


Once I found myself at the entrance of the town, I take one last look at the town I spent growing up in and say one last, nearly silent, reply.


“Happy Halloween to all, and to all a fright-filled night…” and with that, I disappear into the dark.