Cardinal Character Celebration Honors Hardworking Students


Assistant Principal Brian McIntyre snaps a photo with attendees of the celebration.

On Friday, November 1st, the first Cardinal Character Celebration was held in the upper gym. Select students that displayed positive behavior in the areas of speech, learning outcomes, consideration of others, attitude, or participation, were chosen to come to the upper gym during Card Time.


 The celebration was created by Assistant Principal Brian McIntyre and Principal Meocha Williams near the start of the 2019 school year. With the celebration, they hoped to recognize kids that constantly go above and beyond expectations that may not get recognition otherwise. 


Teachers were able to nominate up to five students with the requirement being the display of one of the aforementioned behaviors. Over 110 students received this honor and came to the upper gym for recognition. There, they were met with music, ice cream, snacks, and other prizes. 


Throughout the event, names were drawn to win prizes. At the end of the event, a 100 dollar Walmart gift card and a Chromebook were given away to two lucky students and other prizes were drawn for throughout the event. McIntyre, pictured above, says that he thought the celebration was a huge success. 


Among the recognized students were Carter Patton, Sydney Lewis, and Hunter Benell. Sydney Lewis was one of the students who was picked to win the Chromebook. Lewis agreed that it felt great to be recognized by staff for being a good student and was “very excited.”


 Lewis said that she had “never won anything like that before.” Patton won a bag of M&Ms, which he said he “shared with his friends.” He also said that “it was exciting. I got to spend time with my friends.” Benell said that he “likes how they show appreciation for the students that work hard,” like himself. 


Cardinal Character celebrations are planned to happen each quarter, with the next one on December 13th where there will be more snacks, music, and prizes. The Scott County staff are looking forward to rewarding more wonderful Scott County students.