SCHS Cross Country Represented at State Level

SCHS Cross Country Represented at State Level

  Three students – James Wireman, senior, Tyler Walker, junior, and Erin Luckett, junior – represented Scott County High School on November 2 in the State Cross Country meet at the Kentucky Horse Park. The students have been practicing Cross Country since the beginning of summer and the State Meet is the end of the road.


  Cross Country is a sport in which around 100 – 500 students compete in a 5k run. This run takes an average of around 20 minutes, with Scott County’s average being at around 19 minutes. Students practice Monday through Friday as a whole team and many of the members gather on Saturdays to gain more practice. The SCHS Cross Country team usually competes every other week. 


  James Wireman has been running Cross Country for 4 years. He, like many of the other students on the Cross Country team, runs track. Initially joining Cross Country to improve in track, he continues to enjoy running with the team because of the “family-like atmosphere.” He said that because “you get out of it what you put into it,” he has greatly improved as a track runner. 


  Tyler Walker began running Cross Country when he was in 7th grade. He also runs track. His interest in running came from his father, who was also a competitive runner. When asked why he continues to participate, he simply said “I love it.” He also made note of how he felt like Cross Country has been “more of a family than a team,” which aids in his enjoyment of it. 


  Erin Luckett said that for her and the rest of the people on the Cross Country team, “it is more like a family than a team,” specifically referring to her teammates and her coach for being so supportive in all of her endeavors. She started running track in 6th grade when she transferred to a Catholic school. Track and Field was the only sport offered. Later, when she moved to Scott County High School, Luckett then joined the Cross Country team. The junior says that Cross Country “keeps [her] in shape.” 


  Above is a picture of the routes run by the participants at the State Meet at the Kentucky Horse Park. The yellow area represents the beginning of the race and the black dot at the end of the orange portion shows the finish line. From beginning to end, the race is about 3.1 miles long. Wireman finished with a time of 18:52.46, finishing 226th out of 299 men. Tyler Walker finished 16th out of 299 men and had a time of 16:32.84. Luckett placed 169th out of 287 women with a time of 22:41.68. 


  The students are very proud of how they did at this meet. They are looking forward to the rest of the year. With around seven students on our Cross Country team, Scott County is excited to see what they will accomplish in the future.