Senior Night Stirs Nostalgia Within SCHS Band and Dance Members

  October 18th. The day they’ve either been looking forward to or the day they’ve been dreading for the last four years of their lives. It’s the last time they will all be on the football field as a part of the Scott County Band and Dance. From the band camps and Thursday night practices to All-State performances, the SCHS band members have been through it all. The two hours of dancing their hearts out on Tuesdays and Thursdays and putting in work during the summer to perfect routines have made the dancers into the motivated and passionate athletes they are. And this is their last year to experience everything together for one last time. 


  Being a Drum Major is one of the most distinguished honors that members in the band can hold. Along with many senior band members, the three Scott County Drum Majors, Alex Malone, Abby Nelson, and Kaitlyn Purcell share mixed feelings about this year. All three have been in the band since they were in sixth grade. While Malone and Purcell both plan on pursuing a career in music, Nelson plans to go into digital art and photography.


  Music has become a large part of all of their lives, seeing as each Drum Major has a passion for it. But that isn’t their only passion. All of them strive to improve and help the people that are looking up to them.  


  Purcell elaborated it as a part of her life that has resonated deeply, “Being a Drum Major has meant a lot to me. I’ve done it for two years and it’s brought me closer to the people I’ve been with since…and it just solidified the decision that I have made to continue music throughout my life.” 


  Much like Scott County High School’s Band, the Dance Team also requires levels of hard work and dedication from all the members. These girls have strived for greatness their entire dance careers and they’ve finally reached the point that they’ve dreamt of for years. Senior, Haley White, for example, has been dancing for fifteen years, but unless she goes to Eastern Kentucky University, she doesn’t plan to continue her dancing. 


  Being a part of a group means having gained experiences and memories to share with the people around you for a lifetime. Malone said his favorite memory didn’t have to deal with the entirety of the band, but a few people he will always remember fondly, “Mine was last year in the chamber group that Mr. Osborne put together… We stayed after school and made good sounds, and it was really fun.”  Haley White, a Senior, expressed her favorite part of the dance team was “Dancing at the football games or going to nationals last year.” 


  Just like the band members the dance team is going to miss their seniors as well. White expresses her feelings on this being her last year, “I’m very upset because dance has been a very large part of my life and I have been on the team since I was in eighth grade and I don’t know what I’m going to do without it.” 


  Madison Lumpkins conveys how she feels about Senior Night, “It’s sad to know this is my last year because I’ve danced for as long as I can remember. So, not dancing anymore, especially with the Cards, will be bittersweet, but I’m excited to see what the next chapter in my life holds.”


  Memories don’t have to be about something big, they don’t have to involve everyone in the entire band, they can be something as simple as seeing the friends you’ve made over the years every day. They have had at least four years to grow together as people and as performers. They watched each other develop into the astonishing people they are today. For many, this is the last year they will be in these activities. These are the last few times they will get to go out on a football field and perform for the entire town.