Game Was Won, Seniors Almost Done

  Friday, October 25th was Senior night for the cheer and football teams. This night was all about celebrating our graduating seniors who have been a part of SCHS athletic teams in their high school career. Seniors walked across the field with their families and got their gifts from their teams and coaches and even a few cried. Many of the seniors were upset because the night felt so bittersweet such as senior football player, Cheney Harris, “there’s an end to everything, but we have to make every moment count.” This year was a large change for everyone and despite it all, Scott County is still one big family. 


  Scott County football has always been a sport the high school has highly regarded, along with its players. Seniors Clay Cobuluis and Cheney Harris have been playing on the team since their freshman year. Both players are very committed to the team and they hope to win state this year. Since the beginning of the season, the football team has lost one game. They continue to work hard and practice for perfection in order to prepare for play offs. 


  The football team has a bond so strong as if they’re one big brotherhood like Cobuluis concluded, “I’m going to miss being around the guys because they’ve always had my back for the last four years.” Coach Montey McIntyre said that he’ll miss “their dedication” the most when they graduate and that the “State Championship game last year” was his favorite memory with them.

  Additionally, cheerleading is a large part of the school because they cheer for both football and basketball the entire season, as well as compete on the weekends. Cheerleaders practice every day of the week when there is an approaching competition in order to get a bid to Nationals every year in February. 


  These past couple of years have been full of memories for all of the seniors and their teammates. Senior Daryn Seals expressed that these memories will always last, “I’ll definitely miss our bond and how close I was with my teammates. I’ll miss all of the laughs and tears I shed with them but most of all, I’ll miss seeing them everyday.” Similar to the football team being almost like a brotherhood, the cheer team has a sense of sisterhood. 


  Furthermore, several players have learned valuable lessons from their coaches over the years. Harris recalled, “Coach McKee said, ‘when we’re older and done playing football, we should want to look back on these Friday nights with a positive view.’” 


  This motivation throughout the seasons has taught Cobuluis that  “things aren’t always as bad as they seem if you just stick it out.” McKee, as well as the other coaches, have had a big impact on the future of the players. Many have learned to “become more hard working,” said Harris, along with “develop[ing] confidence and leadership,” recalled Cobuluis. The players expect to use these lessons outside of the football field and throughout their life. 


  In the light of the fact that the cheerleaders are about to compete for their “first last” time, many are getting nervous because a bid to nationals is on the line either ending or continuing their season into February. 


  From UCA cheer camp this past summer till practicing everyday of the week, things get hectic for them. But at the end of the day, the team likes to keep a positive attitude and cheer on the other sports teams such as football. The main goal for this year before it’s over is for the cheer seniors to leave their team better than before and generally impacting the entirety of the team in a positive light. To them, this is the best way to keep the SCHS cheerleading traditions going as Seals said, “I would like to think that I’m making an impact on at least one of the girls that I have cheered with in the past or even my younger cousins.” With much hope, the Cheer Team plans for the younger girls to move up, lead the team, and make their impact and make the graduating seniors proud.  


   Despite all the mixed feelings, senior night was a moment to remember for the athletes. The game was hard fought right until the last second when Scott County was “nine points down with six minutes to go in the game,” said McIntyre. This eventually led Scott County to going into overtime, which hasn’t been a part of a game since 2009. 


  It was rainy and cold, but Scott County has a reputation for winning in the rain, and the final score was 46-45. The cheerleaders did “v-red” on the home field for the last time and put all of the seniors in the middle concluding a night seniors will forever remember. Collectively, the night was a win for everyone, including the departing senior athletes.