Tasting the Cups of Georgetown

One coffee shops sign, Upbeat Cafe, hangs prominently in downtown Georgetown.

One coffee shop’s sign, Upbeat Cafe, hangs prominently in downtown Georgetown.




  1. a hot drink made from the roasted and ground seeds (coffee beans) of a tropical shrub.
    “a cup of coffee”



  That wonderful, caffeinated, bitter drink that wakes people up in the morning is quickly becoming an essential part of Georgetown residents’ daily routine. Due to the expanding phenomena, more cafes than ever have opened their doors around the town.  In an effort to determine the very best cup of coffee, we traveled around the city to try out a few of the different places that sell coffee.  


Upbeat Cafe

  Upbeat Cafe is a cozy, small, cafe, perfect for your taste buds. They have an assortment of options for you to enjoy, including seasonal drinks and desserts. Trying the Caramel Apple Iced Latte, in particular, left us very impressed. It was easy to taste the caramel and apple, mixed with a hint of coffee flavor. It’s perfect for satisfying your fall cravings from 8 AM-3 PM,with prices ranging from $2 to $4. Out of ten coffee cups, we would give this one nine cups! 


Desserts by Rebecca

  Desserts by Rebecca is more of a bakery that happens to also sell wonderful coffee. They have a variety of pastries, cookies, cakes, and crepes, as well as drinks. We had an Iced Vanilla Cold Brew with Cream. The sugary drink was delicious and just what we needed to start off the morning. The atmosphere was kind of small, but very welcoming.  They are open from 7 AM-5 PM, Tuesday to Saturday. We would give this one an eight out of ten cups of coffee. 


Cup of Commonwealth  

  A Cup of Commonwealth is a perfect place to go and study or get homework done after school. With their amiable atmosphere and friendly baristas, we felt very comfortable sitting down and staying to talk for a while. We both tried different things at this cafe because neither of us had been there before and wanted to try something new. There was a delightful Iced Vanilla Latte as well as a wonderful Hazelnut Cold Brew with Cream. You can try any of their splendid coffees on weekdays, 6AM-7PM and weekends, 7AM-7PM, with prices ranging from $2 to $5. This cafe also deserves a rating of eight out of ten cups of coffee. 


  Many coffee shops and cafes are opening around town with various delectable flavors to choose from. Though we only touched on a few, they were all wonderful. All the facilities were extremely nice and very cute. We highly recommend you to try your local cafes!