SCHS Hosts Inaugural Expo Night for Community


Mackenzie Carmack

Children from the community dress up to trick-or-treat throughout the building at Scott County High School.

Scott County High School was the focus of attention for many Georgetown residents Wednesday night. The high school held its inaugural “Expo Night,” which was the first in a series of bi-monthly events. October’s Expo Night was appropriately titled the Trick-Or-Treat Extravaganza, where people from the community were invited to join the high school to collect candy, all the while creating a culture of excellence. 

With over five hundred visitors attending the event, SCHS was bustling with parents and their excited children. Nearly every SCHS teacher was posted outside their classroom door, ready to hand out candy to trick or treaters. They also provided things other than candy, like important information about their class and curriculum to high school students’ parents.

Although the candy was the highlight of the night for many, the event did not go without meaning. The concept of the Expo Nights was created by Scott County High School’s Principal, Meocha Williams. The goal of these bi-monthly events is to honor the “focus areas” of the school by showcasing various works of the students and teachers. This month’s Expo Night was put on to honor both the Fine Arts and Consumer Sciences. Throughout the school were numerous activities that parents and their children were able to experience. 

To represent drama, SCHS students performed Clue Onstage! for visitors. Many families saw this as an opportunity to enjoy a break and some entertainment between trick-or-treating with their children, and dropped in to see the play.

Julia Marshall, French teacher at Scott County High School and Director/Producer of the play, noticed the number of visitors was quite surprising. “The turnout was good,” she said. “People were able to just come and go as they pleased.” 

Visitors were also able to enjoy activities such as arts and crafts. Emily Storch, Art teacher at Scott County High School, hosted a “Halloween Paint Party” for the guests, allowing them to harness their inner artist. Storch felt that the night was a good time for Georgetown residents and their families. “There was a lot of participation,” she commented. “I think it was really successful.” 

People were also able to weigh in on numerous aspects of Scott County High School by voting on various contests taking place in the building, including on the cover of the 2019-20 yearbook. Yearbook Co-adviser and Librarian Megan Musick was attending the event and was surprised by the atmosphere of the night. “It was interesting to see all the different ages visiting,” she said. “There were a lot of high schoolers there, too. I was shocked.” 

One of Scott County High School’s new organizations, the Parent Teacher Student Association, played a significant role in the night. The PTSA’s general initiative is to bridge the gap between all of the participating members of the high school. Principal Williams explained that its “primary goal is fundraising to achieve any academic goals at school.” PTSA President Brooke Miracle explained that as of Wednesday morning, over 100 new members had signed up to be a part of the organization. “We are encouraged by the initial membership participation of our students and can’t wait to see everyone becoming more involved in our school and community,” Miracle said.

To many, the night was a success for both Scott County High School and the community. The Trick-Or-Treat Extravaganza served to facilitate a space for the community to appreciate the current happenings at the school while providing a safe place for children to trick or treat. “It was a fantastic way to engage the community and also show what the students are doing,” Williams explained. 

Principal Williams has many hopes for the future, and she plans to continue the Expo Nights throughout the year. In December, SCHS will host “WinterFest”, which will showcase Chorus, Agriculture, Culinary, and Business and Entrepreneurship. This is an additional way SCHS is striving to transform its school into an integral part of the community.