Fall Break: The Beginning of the End for Seniors


Senior Sydney Glenn recently visited the Bahamas for Fall Break.

It’s the end of the road for Seniors. After surviving the tumultuous years past, they’ve come to the beginning of the rest of their lives. Because of the quickly approaching future, many of the Seniors have taken it upon themselves to cherish what they have now: the present. Fall Break has served as the perfect opportunity to do so. 

As a committed student with a busy schedule, Sydney Glenn saw Fall Break as the best way to make some lasting memories with her family. And their week-long trip to The Bahamas was the best moment to do so. “I loved getting to spend time with my family in such a fun and relaxing environment,” Glenn expresses. 

Although high school is her priority now, Glenn’s ambitious nature will follow her after graduation, too. She hopes to continue studying math and science in college and make her passion, Engineering, her career. “I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering at UK or UofL.” she explains. 

College is soon for Glenn, but family is what matters now. “Fall Break meant being able to reconnect with my family and having one more adventure before graduation.” she states.

Although Eivory Ortiz spent Fall Break in the comfort of her home, the week still brought great importance to her. “This Fall Break actually was more sentimental, rather than just a break.” she explains. “It was a time for me to spend with my family, celebrate my birthday, and apply to college, too.” 

Fall Break was also a time of change for Ortiz. A simple trip to the hair salon proved to be much more for the Senior. “I wanted to try something new in my life.” she discloses. “I wanted to get a fresh start into the new chapter of my life, which is adulthood…”

Ortiz also has big dreams for the future, as she hopes one day she can be the Chief Justice on the Supreme Court. It’s a long road to get there, and it starts with college. “I love knowing more about the judicial system and any college that can give me the best option of that is what I’m going for.” she adds. 

For Tristin Black, the Break was a “bittersweet” combination of both a college visit and relaxation. The busy Senior found that a week away from school was the best way he could focus on all the necessary things in his life. But it didn’t come without mixed feelings.

“While it was nice to get a break from school, the combined stress of college applications, a job, and personal responsibilities made it feel like the calm before the storm.” Black went on to explain. “Nonetheless, it was very rewarding, and allowed me to see family I hadn’t gotten to visit in some time.”

To Black, it’s all worth it in the end. The work and effort he puts in now will create endless possibilities and opportunities in the future. And that future is closer now than ever. “ I plan on, hopefully, going to Indiana University in Bloomington to obtain my bachelors in International Studies.” Black states. “After college, I hope to work for the State Department, helping to advance U.S. diplomatic interests abroad.” 

To all Seniors, this Fall Break has been marked as a monumental part of the year. Whether it was jam packed with fun or filled with leisure, each and every Senior has experienced this Fall Break as their last. Although there’s still much to come this year, it will come quick and sudden. And without a thought, it will soon be over.