Student Technology Leadership Program Happening Now


Student Cammy Sergent in Mr. Bledsoe’s 5th hour Honors Social Studies Class creates an infographic.

  STLP is the Student Technology Leadership Program. It is a multilevel competition designed to give students opportunities to both display what they have learned in the classroom and show off the skills that they already have. STLP is open for any students 9-12 who are looking for a way to display their skills. In addition, teachers are encouraged to incorporate it into their teaching methods. Teachers this year that are using the STLP include Mrs. Roe, Mr. Bledsoe, Mrs. Bridegam, and Mrs. Hancock, among others. STLP does not have any specific meeting times and instead if students are interested in participating they are encouraged to meet with a teacher to set up personalized work times or to dedicate their own time to developing their project. STLP is open for anyone at anytime, however, to be recognized at state, held at Rupp Arena this year, projects need to be submitted before Winter Break. 


  STLP began as a club for ninth graders only but has recently changed to be available for anyone grades 9 through 12. This year, so far, there are around 16 students and 4 teachers involved. 


  STLP begins at the school level. This is where students begin to organize projects, either as a part of class or by themselves. At SCHS, since there are only a small number of participants at this time, most of the projects, if turned in on time and completed, will go directly to the state level competition, held at Rupp Arena in Lexington. At this level, students will compete against other students from across Kentucky as compared to simply at the school level. There are plenty of project options to choose from. These include, but are by no means limited to photography, coding, infographic, digital art, and graphic design. 


  In addition to the pre-prepared competitions at state, there are also other ways to compete. In past years, they have offered live performance competitions in coding, photography, and more. They also offer lessons on how to code and have a gaming area. 


  Each year for the past few years, an average of 4 people have made it to the state level to compete. Among these is Senior Alexa Dziatkowski who placed 2nd on the state level for her original photo “Violin” and also placed 2nd with her manipulated photo “Meditation.” Dziatkowski says that “STLP provided a great creative outlet” for her. Her photos, among other projects presented at state, were shown off in front of over 12,000 people.


  There is also a regional competition for STLP. At this competition, held at the University of Kentucky, you can choose to come up with a project that is instructional (for a classroom setting), a service project, a technical demonstration, or an entrepreneurial demonstration. These, if you place, will also be shown at the state level competition. With these projects, you can continue to make improvements throughout the whole process. 


  If a student is interested in participating in STLP, the first step would be to get in contact with one of the teachers that was mentioned above. As well, all of the information about options to compete, due dates, and anything else can be found on the STLP website.