Meredith Schwindel Welcomed to Scott County


“I would love to meet every student A through F! I’d love it if you’d say hi and start a conversation.”

  Meredith Schwindel’s, a Scott County High School graduate, has returned to work at SCHS as a guidance counselor. Her last job was at Western Kentucky University where she was employed for four years. At WKU, she was an Admissions Counselor. As an Admissions Counselor, she spent most of her time traveling around the state, visiting prospective students, and discussing admission to college. Scott County was one of the areas in her territory, so she has been able to work with SCHS students in the past. 


  After seven years at Transylvania University, she decided that what she loved most about her job and other past jobs was talking to high school students that were excited about college. She wanted a job that would give her the opportunity to guide these students, and Scott County High School gave her just that. 


  Now, serving as the counselor for students with last names A-F, she is given plenty of opportunities to get to know the students at SCHS. As a guidance counselor, she sometimes calls students to her office to discuss things such as schedules or college plans. In addition, she works with parents and other staff. 


  When asked what her favorite parts of SCHS where, Schwindel included the “good atmosphere” and “helpfulness from both the students and the staff.” Outside of class, Schwindel has a 5-month-old son that takes up most of her time. She loves watching UK football with her husband, who used to play for the UK team.