Football Team Plans to Make Adjustments Before Tournament Time


The Scott County Cardinals played the Frederick Douglass Broncos on September 27th .

  It was Scott County’s last encounter with Frederick Douglass since last year that ended the Bronco’s perfect season with a blowing loss. But this year, with Frederick Douglass’s unbeaten record, this was a highly anticipated game. On Friday, September 27th the Scott County Cardinals were matched up against the unbeaten Broncos of Frederick Douglass. They proved to be one of the toughest challenges for this season.


  Before the game starting Running Back, senior Bronson Brown expressed his faith in the team. “Douglass is always a tough game and although they are unbeaten, I believe that if we all do our part, we could pull away with the win,” he said. 


  Due to the fact that Frederick Douglass remained unbeaten, one could infer that the Cardinals would go into the game with a different mindset. But Brown replied, “We go into every game with the mindset which is to focus on the kill and get the job done.”


  The Head Coach of Defense, Coach Montey is confident that the game was a blip in the radar and does not discount Scott County’s potential as he said “it won’t affect the rest of the season because this is just a regular season game and last year when we lost to them in the regular season we ended up beating them when it came tournament time.”   


  The final score was 36-0 with Frederick Douglass taking the win. Although the Cardinals didn’t pull away with the win, it does not discount the games previously played this season. #45 Bryson Gibson stated “We have a really good chance of beating Douglass next meeting because our coaching staff  has come up with a few things we can do differently next time to better the chances of beating them.” So far this season has shown the potential of the Cards, but it’s all af from over.