James Ramsey Replenishes the Recycling Club


  James Ramsey is a former scientific researcher with a passion for retaining the health of the planet. With this idea, he began to take the original “Recycling Club,” and create a new organization, thus the “Environmental Club”. Unlike the original organization, Ramsey incorporates a modern twist on sustainability in the school’s environment, along with a focus on conserving a healthy environment for both the school and community. The organization is intended for student activists interested in the betterment of the planet. 

What is the environmental club?

  • According to our membership: “A new club at SCHS that focuses on the importance of preserving and rehabilitating life on our planet.”

How do I join the environmental club?

  • Join our Remind by texting @mtaylorba to 81010 ● Join our Club Google Classroom by going to https://classroom.google.com and joining by entering the class code 54uninc
  • As yet, we are not charging membership dues, though we will soon vote on whether or not to do this to raise capital for initial club activities.

What does this club offer our schools?

  • We intend to bring back an improved and more functional school-wide recycling program
  • Develop synergistic service relationships with other service-oriented clubs to accomplish tasks that improve the quality of our school environment. For example, we will be helping to coordinate additional Cardinal Cleanup days.

Are there any special events regarding the club? 

  • We’re still in the early planning stages, but you can go to https://www.schs.cards/enviro-club/ to see important club dates and activities.
  • We meet biweekly during CARD Time, so keep an eye out on the club calendar and in Enriching Students.

Can this contribute to community service?

  • Yes! If you are in Beta Club, NHS, or another service-oriented club, we are here to help you rack up those hours.

Why the club?

  • I would suspect that we have a lot of different motivations among our members. Some want to see improvements in the environmental impact our school has. Some want to be thinking about larger societal goals and bringing awareness to the student body of important environmental concerns. We’ll be driving towards solutions/activities/initiatives that focus at many levels in this club and having fun in the process.

What makes this club more important than previous or other clubs?

  • Our environment supports our lives and livelihood. The damage that we inflict to environmental quality at any level has a negative impact on everything from our mood to our quality of life, to our long-term chances of survival on the planet. Clubs that engage young people in exploring real solutions represent a valuable asset. This club gives students the opportunity to work together to do something that is very meaningful to their school, local, and global community.