Bringing School Spirit “Home”coming


Pictured is Scott County High School’s Homecoming Dance of 2019.

  The school spirit at SCHS seriously sucks and we could all do a little better. As some may know, Homecoming was a few weeks ago. Normally, many people do not go to the Homecoming Dance because it’s after a Friday night game, which makes the time of the event less than ideal for our student population. Honestly, it’s sad. Other schools, as seen on social media, make Homecoming a considerably big deal. Whereas most people from Scott County when asked will simply say, “Oh, nobody goes to that.” 


  Mrs. VanHoose, one of the Family and Consumer Science teachers in the building, was in charge of organizing the Homecoming Dance. She did a great job with coordinating the event, seeing as she took on the responsibility without much time to plan for the event. VanHoose explained that “all of the staff were dancing and even the kids that attended were having a great time.” 


  “The expected turn out was about 100 kids, but in reality, there ended up being about 150,” VanHoose shared.


  This is an astonishingly low number considering we have around 1,300 kids. Additionally, a great DJ was hired for the dance. Greg Anderson is from Frankfort, and he will be invited back to DJ other school dances in the future because of his music choices and engagement with the crowd.


  In regards to other Scott County events, our turnout for football home games has been impressive. However, our boys need more crowd encouragement and attendance for away games, too. The number of Scott County fans is ridiculously small for out-of-town games, even at games played in Lexington. Although we tend to be a very football-based school, there are other sports that are as equally great that have never received the recognition they deserve.


  Other than Prom, our school spirit is overwhelmingly lacking when it comes to sporting event attendance or other school-affiliated activities. We need to all be the change that helps to encourage people to go to Homecoming, or any other event for that matter. Many of us may think we don’t make a difference at school events, but attendance and enthusiasm really does matter. The school as a whole could do an exceedingly better job. Because in the end Homecoming should be viewed as an enjoyable social everyone wants to attend and remember forever, not just some event that blips the radar. 


  My hope for the future is that there will be more school spirit as well as involvement from each and every Scott County High School student. Many people work hard on making these amazing events happen for us students. And though the lack of attendance at the Homecoming Dance brought the atrocious school spirit to my attention, other school events also deal with this issue. These events may not seem large but they mean a lot to the people who put countless hours into planning the perfect time for their students, and it means a lot to the students who are involved in the clubs or sports that host the events.  All they truly want in the end is for students to enjoy themselves and have a good time. They deserve something amazing to show for that.