SCHS Offers New Rewards and Opportunities To Students


Mr. Clement, an Assistant Principal at Scott County, focuses on the implementation of PBIS.

  There have been many new changes to Scott County High School this year. Our students numbers have been split and reduced due to the newest high school built, the ninth grade has joined the main school, and Scott County High School is in the middle of reinventing itself and it’s school spirit. But there have also been many new additions and fixes made for the 2019-2020 school year that students themselves should be looking forward to. 


  Students who were attending high school last year will have immediately noticed the drastic change in the school staff and faculty brought on by the Great Crossing and Scott County split. Lots of new teachers have been brought on to the Scott county team, and more have been hired at once than what we’ve seen in many years. All of the teachers, both new and old to Scott County, are eager to interact and help their students in their shared common goal. And with this new staff, they will bring new ideas on how to make the classroom and the school the best it can possibly be.


  Students who also didn’t get to eat breakfast before first hour now have another chance to get it with the new Second Chance Breakfast. A number of students as it turns out often can’t get to school on time and have a chance to get their breakfast before having to rush off to first hour. Second Chance Breakfast ensures that no one is left out. Located in the cafeteria and vendors run by cafeteria staff in the upper and bottom hallways after first hour, they offer students small snacks and breakfast items to buy before heading to their second class, ensuring that our students don’t go hungry. 


  Our school pep is also getting a huge boost, and not just our pep rallies. Not only are teachers focusing on hyping up our football and sports teams, they want to start acknowledging and bring awareness to the other groups and clubs that make Scott County great, bringing awareness by our morning announcements as well as sharing the pictures of their achievements on the projector in the cafeteria for all students to see. 


  The school merchandise will also no longer be sold only by vendors and stands. Soon, our very own school store, Cardinal Connections, will be opening right within the walls of the building. The grand opening was on October 21st, complete with a ribbon cutting presented by the Cardinal Connections Team, our cardinal mascot, and our band and dance team! Run by the DECA team and Ms. Hancock, it will be a full fledged store in a room located by the cafeteria. It will carry Scott County merchandise, and other little goodies for students to enjoy.


  And finally, a brand new award system that Mr. Clement is very excited about is the Triple Zero Awards. “ It’s PBIS. Positive Behavior Intervention System, “ Mr. Clement explained. “ It’s rewards for positive behavior. “ 

  Once a month, on Thursdays they’re planning, students with no referrals, behavioral issues, or unexcused absences get rewarded for their good behavior and positive attitudes with special gifts, awards, and parties during CARD time. “ They deserve to be rewarded, “ Mr.Clement said as he spoke proudly of the students.


  Triple Zero Awards also go along with Fridays, where students who clean up after themselves and show good behavior during the week are rewarded with music and karaoke during their lunch periods. This hoped to encourage positive behavior among students to create a happier school environment. It’s already starting to show, seeing as many students are having a fun time singing karaoke with their friends at lunch.


  One thing for sure about this school year, with all these new changes, Scott County High School students will have many new and exciting events to come. The staff will continuously come up with new ways to improve student life and the efficiency of the school, so there will always be more to come.