School Store Promotes New Beginnings


  It’s a year like no other. Scott County High School has transformed, opening its doors with a newly established image. Changes, both big and small, are apparent throughout SCHS. Whether it be the influx of new teachers or the considerably clear hallways, it’s not long before the differences are noticed. But among them all comes a new addition to the school: the Cardinal Connections store. 


  Every week, Monday through Friday, the store will open from 12:20 to 1:40 during Fourth Hour. Although Marissa Hancock of the Business and Marketing Department is the adviser for Cardinal Connections, the students are entirely responsible for running the store. 


  In the years past, the Entrepreneurship team at SCHS had created a simple way to sell merchandise to the school, but it was only available on a limited basis. This previous Cardinal Connections store was run on a small cart that was maneuvered out of a classroom to be placed in front of the Cafeteria during lunch. 


  To everyone involved, this soon proved to be an insufficient way to market their products. So this year, they expanded. The new and improved Cardinal Connections is now located on the left side of the first floor, down the main hallway, right past the cafeteria. 


  Complete with an exuberant school mascot and students from the SCHS Band, the Grand Opening of Cardinal Connections was held on October 21st. Attending the occasion were the Entrepreneurship students, Administrators, Sponsors, and other community guests, making the turnout significantly large. All eyes were on Junior Harrison Siegel, a coordinator of the store, as he snipped the inaugural blue ribbon. It marked the beginning of something entirely new at Scott County High School. 


  Although Cardinal Connections is open for business, it wasn’t all cut and dry when it came to creating the store. It required a great amount of effort from students in the Entrepreneurship class. Various groups of students devoted their time on specific priorities. Much of the construction of the store fell upon a paint and design crew. And while some worked on the promotion of the store, others focused their efforts on creating potential products and inventory. 


  Senior Wilson Insko is responsible for the financial aspects of the store, including the incomes gained and the orders received. Although finances are his area of expertise, he also has other obligations, as does everyone else. “Students take on any and every responsibility possible in the store,” he explained. 


  This can also be said for the student who had the honor of formally opening the store, Siegel, who was responsible for building relations with local businesses for partnerships and sponsorships. “My role was to call, email, and send letters to sponsors and to collaborate with them,” he explained. 


  Each and every student participating in the creation of the Cardinal Connections store views this as a group effort, with teamwork every step of the way. Keiana Slaughter, Junior at Scott County High School, commented on the number of details necessary for the completion, “Each factor was essential to get us to the place we are now for the store.”


  And after a week of sales, the profits exceeded anyone’s expectations. Between the 21st and the 24th of October, the Cardinal Connections store gained $1,063 in total from sales. Of their goal of 90 transactions within the first week, the store has reached 74 so far. They expect to reach their goal in the remaining days of the week. Hancock expressed, “It’s really just begun, we have so many more ideas.”