Interact Club Works to Serve the Community

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  • Interact Club members assisted the Rotary Club with setting up booths during Georgetown's Kite Festival the weekend of April 26th.

    Kathrine Mahoney

  • Interact Club is the newest community service oriented club available to students at ECS and SCHS. It is sponsored by Scott County's chapter of the Rotary Club.

    Amanda Burrows

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One thing that often gets little attention is the tremendous amount of community service that is completed by high school students. While community service clubs have been around at both SCHS and ECS for as long as the schools have existed, there has been a new addition to community service club’s lineup. This year, ECS founded the Interact Club, a subcategory of the Rotary Club, which focuses on improving the community.  The two clubs work together to help serve the Scott County community by providing their services in projects, encouraging good ethics, and helping to build goodwill around the world. Club members convey their goodwill through the club motto, “Service above Self.”

The Interact club has a goal to complete multiple community service projects each year: one for the school community, one for the local community and one internationally. For this year’s school community project, club members chose to build an outdoor classroom at ECS.

The first step was to determine sponsors that would assist with the financing of the project.  Junior Abigail Turner, the Law and Justice liaison for the club, was put in charge with contacting Lowe’s. “We chose Lowe’s because they helped the outdoor classroom that was built at Western last year,” Abigail said. “They’re also involved with other community projects like the butterfly garden.”  The butterfly garden is a garden that is located in Downtown Georgetown behind the Museum, and is used to help Girl Scouts earn their wings.

While Abigail was working on the supplies, the rest of the officers were working on location. The officers chose to put it behind the building between the Media Arts and Engineering villages. Interact club sponsor Amanda Burrows envisions several uses for the outdoor classroom.  She said “The outdoor classroom space will offer an alternative setting for discussions, presentations, and direct instruction/demonstrations with the added benefit of getting students outside and closer to a natural setting to spark creativity.

The production of the classroom is scheduled to begin at 10:00 am on May 11th at ECS and they hope to have it finished by that night.  “We are going to start by painting rocks and building benches,” said president and senior Grace Lyon.

While the outdoor classroom was one of the largest and most impactful tasks the club has taken on this year, Interact club members have completed other service projects as well. The club decorated ECS for Christmas, created homemade cards for the local nursing home and delivered them with other small gifts in early April.

Senior Kelsey Stump participated in the visits with the elderly and said, “I loved the friendly bickering between two of the nursing home residents. It made me really laugh to hear them spar like that, because it reminds me of my friends and me.”  

Other service activities club members have completed this year include making cards for teacher appreciation week, and packing boxes for children to send to Guatemala this summer with a local group traveling to the country for mission work.