Dear Abby: April Edition

Reporter Abby Hooven is ready to help you solve some of your biggest problems.  Submit your questions today.

Abby Hooven

Reporter Abby Hooven is ready to help you solve some of your biggest problems. Submit your questions today.

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Dear Abby,

My boyfriend just dumped me. He still wants to be friends. How do I handle this situation?




I am very sorry that you have to go through this. Break-ups are tough, but you are tougher! You will get through this, but it will take time. It may seem hard to be friends with the guy who just dumped you, but it may be a good thing. Take a few days, or even weeks, to recover before diving into it with him again as friends. He still cares about you because he wouldn’t want to still be friends if he hated your guts. If it seems easier, set some boundaries so you both know when to talk, what to talk about, and how to know when you each need a breather. Conversation can be healthy but realize it might not be the best idea to hint at getting back together if that is what you desire. Try to be polite but know it is okay to take some time and be away from him.



How do I prepare to take an AP exam? I am taking my first test this year and I am unsure on what to study and how soon to start studying.


AP Student

AP Student,

It is best to start studying now. There is a lot of content to review, and you definitely do not want to cram the night before! I have taken 5 AP exams now, and the best thing for me is getting a review book for the subject. I review so many pages or chapters a day or week starting about a month before the exam. I highlight information, jot notes, and take practice tests along the way. Practice tests are great indicators on where you are and what you need to study. Spend the week or so before the exam reviewing the areas you struggle with, and glance over the information you feel you have a solid grasp on. Even though it may seem beneficial, DO NOT study the night before the exam. It will only stress you out more and make you feel less prepared. You already know everything you can, so cramming the night before isn’t going to help you learn it any better. Also, pay attention to review sessions happening during CARD time or after school. Those are very beneficial and give you more instruction time before the exam. Your hard work will pay off because you will feel ready to face the exam head on and get a qualifying score!