SCHS Hosts the Largest Prom In the State

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  • The dance floor was packed on Saturday, April 13th, as SCHS hosted "Old Hollywood."

    Elizabeth Parret

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On Saturday, April 13th, 2019, 870 students arrived at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Alltech Arena to dance the night away as SCHS hosted Prom 2019.  This year’s theme was “Old Hollywood,” and students received the royal treatment throughout the evening.

Prom wasn’t some simple event that was just thrown together; it required months of planning and a sizeable budget.  Prom sponsor Chloe Ford and her committee of students began the preparations for the event in September. One of the first tasks that the committee was given was to decide on the prom theme.

Committee member Haley Scott, junior, said that the original idea for theme was to be “centered around pictures of juniors and seniors since this would be our last year as one school.  But it eventually evolved into the Hollywood theme. We all wanted to walk the red runaway.”

In addition to the dramatic red carpet, the prom committee brought the theme to life in other ways. There were a several areas with backgrounds set up for taking pictures, like what you would see on the actual Red Carpet in Hollywood at events, and another was a cardboard display of the Hollywood sign with lights surrounding it. These gave couples and friend groups a good chance to get pictures while at the dance and were popular throughout the evening. 

Hosting a formal event for 870 students does come at a cost.  Chloe Ford, faculty sponsor for the event, said that her budget was roughly $18,000.  In addition to the rental fee for the arena, the prom committee had to rent tables and chairs, linens, hire a dj and provide snacks.

Junior Jade Jenkins enjoyed several aspects of the event. “The decorations were cute, but the best part about Prom wasn’t Prom itself, but getting all fancy and hanging out with friends,” she stated.

Zoe Tackett, junior, also enjoyed the time it provided her with her friends. She said, “My favorite part about Prom was taking pictures before Prom, because I got to go out with my friends and take pictures at a golf course.  

Prom was an American tradition that many of the exchange students at SCHS were able to experience during their stay.  Imke Sewing, a German exchange student loved participating. “I went there with my friends, and we had good food and a lot of fun! And I liked that they had a lot of places [for us] to take pictures,” she said.

While overall was a success, Scott does have one wish for future events.  “I wish we could find a way to end the people awkwardly standing around in the hallway. Maybe different music would get people on the dance floor,” Scott shared.

See additional photos of the event in the prom video here: