Junior Prepares for the New York Runways This Summer

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  • Alison Sturgill's interest in modeling began as a result of watching modeling tv shows with her mom and sister.

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  • Sturgill urges other students interested in modeling to give it a try. She said, "Go for it! Everyone has their own unique beauty. But what will really separate you from the crowd is inner confidence."


  • Junior Alison Sturgill will compete in three competitions this summer: swim runway, jean runway and acting.


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The international modeling and talent agency, or IMTA, is an international competition where aspiring models, actors and singers go to be discovered. Two competitions are held in the United States each year, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. SCHS’s own Alison Sturgill, junior, recently auditioned for the competition with Images Modeling Agency and was one of the 15 selected to compete out of the 70 who auditioned.

Sturgill became interested in modeling at a very young age. She explained, “I became interested in modeling through small photoshoots with friends just for fun. I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model with my mom and sister and had an interest in the modeling lifestyle ever since.”  

Sturgill discovered the IMTA competition through Images. Images is a small modeling agency located in Lexington. It is actually the only modeling agency in the Lexington area and opened in 1977. She applied with Images in June of 2018 and was selected to work with their company. She said, “My mom called and set up the audition for IMTA just a couple days before it took place. I have not yet taken my modeling classes with Images, so I wasn’t quite sure how to prepare for the audition. I just went out with some friends to the mall and got an outfit I thought was cute and looked like ‘model attire’ and I went out with what I knew, which was nothing.”

Before Sturgill competes at IMTA New York during the the week of July 13 this summer, she will attend mandatory preparation classes with Images. The classes prepare her for runway training, photo posing, and modeling in general. She stated, “We are taught the moral aspect, confidence and self love necessary for modeling as that’s 90% of the job. I am most excited about learning the professional techniques of modeling, but actually having the confidence to know that what I’m doing is correct is what’s most exciting to me.”

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Everyone has their own unique beauty. But what will really separate you from the crowd is inner confidence.”

— Alison Sturgill

She will also have to begin conscientious of her diet. She joked, “I don’t necessarily have to go on a diet, but weekly trips to Mi Casita with friends will probably have to lessen. Additionally I have started going to the gym at least four times a week with friends. I am focusing mainly on weight loss rather than muscle definition as of right now.”  

At IMTA, Sturgill will compete in front of over 300 modeling agencies, along with people from across the states and other countries. Sturgill explained, “The competitions include jean runway, swim runway and acting. There are 6 total competitions, but Images has told me these are the ones I will likely succeed more in and should therefore compete in. However, this could change over the course of my training.” She added, “Through the competitions you can win awards. This is the best way to get recognized, especially by higher agencies.”

While Sturgill is excited about this opportunity, she admitted that there is a little bit of apprehension in competing for the first time as well.  Sturgill said, “The biggest thing I’m nervous about is failure, which I think anyone would feel, but I’m hoping after my classes I’ll have the confidence to be successful and all areas of the competitions.”

Sturgill is hoping to end the competition with recognition from at least a few agencies. She stated, “Once you get that start and your foot in the door, you begin to get the gigs and get to travel, and I’m hoping that in the end that’s where this will take me.”

To anyone else suggested in this type of competition or modeling in general, Sturgill advised, “Go for it! Everyone has their own unique beauty. But what will really separate you from the crowd is inner confidence.”