Dear Abby Tackles Senioritis, Prom Planning and Graduation Options

Reporter Abby Hooven is ready to help you solve some of your biggest problems.  Submit your questions today.

Abby Hooven

Reporter Abby Hooven is ready to help you solve some of your biggest problems. Submit your questions today.

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Dear Abby,

What can I do to push through senioritis?


Senior Sleeper

Dear Senior Sleeper,

As a senior who thinks about “senioritis” all the time, I have a few tips on how to stay focused.

  1. Keep a schedule. Knowing when things are due and how long you have to do them will show you how you need to be spending your time. Staying locked in will be better if you know when you have to work and when you can relax.
  2. Check your grades often. You may think you’re doing just fine, but if you start slacking, your grades will definitely suffer. Don’t lose track of what got you to this place- your academic success.
  3. Set goals. Even if it is just to get through the week and do all your work, that is progress. Mini goals and big goals will all help you end your senior year strong. Keep your priorities in line and these goals will be easy to topple!
  4. Remain positive that you can do this. We all feel like giving up at some point, but we have all come too far to stop now. It is easy to dwell on all the things going wrong, but if you focus on all the things going well in your life right now, it will allow you to feel that you can do anything. YOU CAN DO IT!


Dear Abby,

What restaurants would you recommend for a pre-prom meal?


Prom Planner

Dear Prom Planner,

Depending on your budget, there are several nice options for a before Prom meal.

If you are looking to spend around $10-$15 a meal, Olive Garden,and Johnny Carinos are the places to go. Both are elegant but not so elegant that you feel overwhelmed with manners and proper etiquette everywhere.

If you want a meal over $15, Tony’s, The Chophouse, and Malone’s (all located in Lexington) are wonderful options. They are fancy restaurants with delicious food that will make your night one to remember.  Don’t forget your reservations!

You don’t have to go crazy with this. If you just want to have a homemade meal, do it. If you want to eat Chick-Fil-A, do it! It is your night, and you should do what makes your night feel special.


Dear Abby,

I am considering graduating early. What are the pros and cons?


Advanced Student

Dear Advanced Student,

I believe you should stay for your senior year. There are things that you miss out on by graduating early that everyone should experience. However, if you have a plan for after high school that you are dead set on and will require a lot of work, graduating early can help you get a head start on that. If you are unsure on what you want to do, stay in school. It may seem like a better option to jumpstart your collegiate years, but high school is something we all need to have experience in totality. If you want to begin taking college classes but still stay for your senior year, take dual credit classes. This will allow you to earn college credit for your classes and continue to experience high school at the same time. Do what is best for you, and it’ll all work out!